UCU and Anglia Ruskin University conclude historic Collective Agreement to address wellbeing and workloads

 UCU is delighted to announce the conclusion of an historic Collective Agreement with Anglia Ruskin University, which represents a major investment in supporting the work of academics and a clear break with excessive workloads.   

While negotiations were prolonged and at times difficult, UCU acknowledges the sincerity and commitment of university leaders to address our concerns.  See joint statement

The Collective Agreement, signed by the Vice Chancellor Professor Roderick Watkins, maintains the momentum on addressing the wellbeing crisis and the shared desire to put an end to the scourge of casualisation, while putting in place significant improvements in time allocation for research and innovation activities, knowledge exchange and teaching preparation, as well as academic management responsibilities. 

UCU looks forward to working with the university to ensure enforcement of the agreement and to build upon this major breakthrough in improving industrial relations. 

ARU UCU Branch Executive 


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