UCU welcome appointment of new Director of HR

Colleagues will have heard that Janis Westely will be joining ARU as the new Director of HR. We have spoken with friends and trusted UCU colleagues at City University, from where Janis will be joining us and are delighted to hear positive assessments about our new Director of HR.  Here are some of the comments: “Really good, competent, sensible, efficient, a pleasant person to deal with, human, genuinely progressive, sorry she is leaving”.

ARU UCU wishes the University to succeed. There are senior managers who do inspire confidence, not least the Vice Chancellor. Elsewhere, there are problems. We have brought these to the attention of the University leadership. Suppressing employee voice can never resolve conflict and the associated high costs, but merely make them harder to anticipate and to manage. As recent staff survey results have revealed, dissatisfaction with and low levels of trust in managers are rampant. UCU membership at ARU continues to grow and all member meetings are larger than ever. Management need to work with us to improve our institution.

Collective bargaining is the key to success. When important decisions are made they must be presented, discussed and agreed through the established machinery of collective consultation and negotiation. Decision making must be forged through the search for consensus. As the largest and most significant independent expression of collective employee voice, wisdom dictates decisions require the consent of UCU. The university needs to invest further in its relationship with UCU and deepen and extend collective bargaining, so that we can all work together to make the University the community we all want and deserve.

The appointment of Janis Westley appears to be a good starting point from which to remedy the failures of the past and UCU look forward to working with her to advance the concerns of our members and thereby secure good industrial relations in our university.

ARU UCU Branch Executive

May 5th 2021

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